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Bed Bug Removal

Bed Bugs


Bed bugs are one of the grosses pests we come across, because after all who wants to sleep with these little guys?  No one!  According to this article published by USA Today, Nashville ranked #33 worst bedbug cities in the nation for 2022.  To make matters worse that is an increase of +1 since 2021.  If you suspect you have bed bugs please contact our office as soon as possible, so we can evaluation your situation and schedule your home for service.

Hey! We understand beg bugs are embarrassing to talk about. It happens no matter how careful or clean you home may be. A lot of our customers come into contact with them during a trip and unknowingly bring them back to their home. Don’t worry! We’re here to help get your bed bug situation under control.

Look for These Signs


1) Fecal Matter

Common signs of bed bugs include red to reddish brown fecal spots on upholstery, bedding, walls or mattresses.


2) Molted Skins

Another common sign is molted skins of bed bugs including empty egg shells or sticky eggs may appear in and around the infected area.


3) Bites on Body Parts

Lastly another common sign of Bed Bugs is bite marks on arms, legs or other body parts that appear red and itchy.

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Bed Bugs

The images above are of bed bugs with fecal spotting and images showing Bed Bug size. Look for these when trying to find bed bugs in your home.